Friskies Cat Food

Learn about the benefits of providing your cat with a healthy, nutritious and delectable Friskies cat food diet.


While there are ongoing debates among cat owners regarding the advantages of wet versus dry cat food and what the best diet consists of, no one disagrees that Friskies is a leader in feline cuisine. For half a century, the company has developed and sold a variety of quality cat foods. Their formulations have been proven again and again to keep felines healthy and happy.

Friskies canned cat food

Cats are hunters and scavengers. Their natural diet is meat based. In the wild, they sustain themselves on prey that provides protein, water and fat. Friskies canned cat food is formulated to meet those needs. These foods factor in the feline’s need for high water content. As much as cats need hydration, they tend to avoid drinking water until they’re dehydrated.

Canned food from Friskies is an exceptional way to get your feline the dietary components required to optimize their health.

Other wet cat food

Friskies wet cat food is rich in nutrients. The higher moisture content keep cats hydrated and minimizes urinary tract problems. These products are also designed to fully meet a variety of dietary qualifications. If your cat is diabetic, there is an option for managing sugar ingestion. Friskies offers cats healthy organics and protein. Their products manage sensitive stomachs and weight management.

Friskies dry cat food

Friskies dry cat food provides cats with their primary nutritional needs and help keep them energetic and physically fit. Dry foods cost less than wet and canned food. This makes them an economical option. They are also easy to store and a better option for leaving in a bowl. Cats will nibble periodically without owners worrying about spoiled foods.

Choosing Friskies cat food for your feline is like going for the best entree on the menu. At Pet Goods, we can guarantee, whatever the circumstances, Friskies has an option that will exceed your expectations and give your cats great pleasure. Come by one of our stores or give your local Pet Goods a call and have all your cat food questions answered by one of our friendly pet diet experts.