Friskies Cat Treats

Best-selling Friskies cat treats come in a wide variety of unique shapes and flavors.


Popular pet food brand Friskies offers an extensive line of delicious, highly nutritious cat treats. These are healthy ways to reward and surprise your cat.

Friskies is one of the rare animal care companies that caters to a single domesticated animal. In the early 1950s, it introduced its first cat food as felines were becoming increasingly popular as pets. Today, Friskies is all-cat, all-the-time.

Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats

The company’s line of party mix treats are a smorgasbord of flavors your cat will love.

Party Mix Crunch

This is a group of crunchy cat treats, combining a rich set of shapes, flavors and tastes. There are kitty favorites like shrimp, tuna and crab options.

Party Mix Favorites

These treats cater to particular tastes. Whether your cat prefers chicken, turkey or seafood, Friskies has your feline covered.

Party Mix Naturals

With added vitamins and minerals, Friskies’ Naturals are crunchy treats made with real meat and accents of seaweed and sunflower.

Friskies Pull N’ Play Treats

Cats love to explore and solve mysteries. With a Pull N’ Play, your cat pokes and rolls and jumps and simply has a good time. The product is a wobbly cat toy with edible string. With the right combination of movements, the cat will release a treat. There are three string flavors. A great product, the Pull N’ Play promises to stimulate your cat both mentally and physically.

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