Holistic Health Extension Dog Food

Pet Goods is proud to carry Holistic Health Extension dog food, wholesome formulas that provide your canine friend with a completely balanced diet.


Based on cutting-edge nutritional research, Holistic Health Extension dry dog food recipes have been endorsed by the American Canine Association and have garnered 5-star ratings among dedicated pet owners. What sets this premium dog food apart from other leading brands? For starters, organic chicken is the #1 ingredient in all of their original dry and wet food formulas, and the entire line is free of artificial preservatives, gluten, soy, corn and by-products. Health Extension diets are designed for all life stages, and are formulated to produce a shiny coat, stronger bones, keener eyesight and hearing, a stronger immune system and better stamina.

Grain-free Holistic dog food recipes

If your pup suffers from skin sensitivities, digestive problems and chronic allergies, you may consider asking your vet about Health Extension Grain Free dog food. Unlike other brands, these grain-free recipes are made with essential supplements and nutrients including fish oil, glucosamine, colostrum and apple cider vinegar which boost natural defenses for improved health. Each recipe is crafted with real vegetables, legumes and fruits along with a hearty selection of proteins like salmon, herring, venison, turkey, chicken and duck. Pet owners rave about the incredible benefits of feeding their dog a holistic, gluten-free diet, giving their companion more energy and better health.

Holistic Health for all life stages

Health Extension dog food recipes cater to canines of all ages, sizes and breeds. Miniature dogs, teacups and toys will go crazy for Little Bites by Health Extension — a highly digestible blend made with healthful ingredients like free-range chicken, deboned lamb, brown rice, flaxseed, and menhaden fish meal! If your four-legged pet needs to shed some weight or is less active in his senior years, consider Health Extension light dog food, which contains 50% less fat than other formulas, and is fortified with blue green algae, probiotics along with natural fiber to help maintain digestive health.

Health Extension canned dog food

Health Extension wet dog food nourishes your pup from the inside out. Choose from original and grain-free canned food formulas made with only the finest, real-food ingredients like savory beef, duck, sweet potato, chunky chicken stew and mouthwatering salmon. Each Health Extension recipe is based on high quality proteins and contains no rendered animal fat, sugar, growth hormones, artificial dyes or flavorings. Visit your local Pet Goods for a wide selection of these ultra-palatable, ultra-nutritious dog food formulas by Health Extension.