Iams Cat Treats

Quality ingredients and great taste go hand-in-hand with Iams cat treats, packed with vitamins and minerals.


Find Savory Cat Treats at Pet Goods

Iams cat treats are healthy snacks provide the essential nutrition your kitty needs to stay in tip-top shape and lead a long and happy life. Your mouser will gobble up these savory morsels made with real poultry and salmon. After one taste, your kitty will perk up every time he hears you shake the bag. Made with oat fiber, ground flaxseed and premium animal protein, Iams Proactive Health daily treats are a wonderful complement to your cat’s diet.

You can feel good about feeding your tabby these wholesome treats, which offer numerous health benefits. Satisfy your calico’s carnivorous cravings with Iams treats for cats, available at your neighborhood Pet Goods store.

Iams Hairball Control Treats for Cats

Say goodbye to tummy troubles with Iams Hairball Care Daily Treats, featuring an enticing crunchy outer shell and tender center. This patented formula is designed to support a healthy digestive track and eliminate hairballs that are common with long-haired and indoor kitties. Best of all, these tasty treats come in salmon and chicken flavors which cats find irresistible.

If your kitty has a sensitive stomach, or is a finicky eater, these treats promise a flavorful snacking experience that she will meow for! Plus, Iams treats are fortified with vitamins and minerals to help promote lifelong wellness.

Iams Oral Care Cat Treats

Feline dental health is an important consideration for both kittens and adult cats. Reward your favorite companion with a savory treat that cleans teeth and reduces tartar buildup with Iams ProActive Health Oral Care Cat Treats, available in chicken or salmon flavor. These crunchy snacks have deep ridges that gently clean enamel and help remove plaque while supporting oral health. Take care of your feline friend by feeding a treat that will keep her teeth strong and healthy for years to come. Each oral care treat is only 1.25 k/cal, meaning you can pamper your tabby (in moderation) without weight-gain concerns.

No matter which recipe your kitty prefers, you can rest assured that Iams cat treats are backed by more than 60 years of pet nutrition research. Stop in to your local Pet Goods store for the best selection and prices on the entire line of Iams food and treats for cats.