Iams Dog Food

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Iams is dedicated to enhancing the health of pets through innovations in advanced nutrition. They were among the first companies to create animal protein-based foods suited to the ancestral diets of canines. Based on the nutritional philosophy that the right diet can work wonders on your pet’s wellbeing, Iams dog food formulas were developed to help boost immunity, ease digestion, maintain lean muscle mass, burn fat and reduce the progression of illness and disease. Iams was also a pioneer in establishing the first recipes that were tailored for specific life stages and health concerns.

Iams Puppy Food

Premium, high quality ingredients are the cornerstone of all Iams formulas, and their puppy food contains high protein levels to help optimize growth and development. Chicken is the number one ingredient in Iams puppy food, available in both dry and canned formulas. Who doesn’t want a smarter, more trainable puppy? Help your little four-legged friend by feeding Iams Proactive Health, made with Omega 3 DHA that aids in brain and vision development. Iams Premium Protection Puppy kibble also contains essential nutrients that are naturally found in mother’s milk. Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terriers and other toy breeds have special nutritional requirements and may benefit from Iams Smart Puppy Small & Toy Breed.

Iams Senior Dog Food

After the age of seven, most dogs begin to experience joint and health issues that impact the quality of their lives. Iams mature dog food recognizes these challenges with carefully chosen ingredients that fight the signs of aging. Designed to nourish and maintain joint health, this crunchy kibble contains Iams Daily Dental Care that reduces tartar build-up and bad breath. Proactive Health Senior Plus also features L-carnitine that burns fat and revs up the sluggish metabolism of older dogs. Iams senior formulas will put pep back into their step and keep your 15-year old looking, feeling and playing like she was still a puppy!

Iams Grain Free Dog Food

Dull coats, lethargy and digestive upset are common signs of grain allergies. If Fido isn’t thriving on his current kibble, ask your veterinarian about Iams Grain Free Naturals, which contains no wheat, soy, corn or chicken byproduct meal. This grain free formula is surprisingly affordable given its quality blend of animal proteins and farm-grown fruits and vegetables. Featuring healthful ingredients like salmon, chicken, red lentils, peas, apples and flaxseed, Iams Grain Free is great for small and large breeds of all ages. If your dog has skin allergies, give it a try and write your own Iams dog food review!