Nature’s Variety Cat Food

Give your loving feline the real nutrition of raw, high-protein Nature’s Variety Instinct cat food.


Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food

We all want the very best for our frisky felines, which is why Nature’s Variety developed a grain free, protein-rich diet for cats and kittens. Nature’s Instinct harnesses the power of raw, pure nutrition with holistic recipes featuring rabbit, wild salmon and cage-free chicken. Each kibble and canned formula contains thoughtfully selected whole food ingredients complemented by vegetables, fruits and essential fatty acids. Nature’s Instinct cat food is made to support your feline’s health and wellbeing through every life stage. That means every dry and wet food recipe is free of corn, soy, wheat, potato, as well as artificial colors and preservatives.

Instinct Recipes for Cats

For years, Nature’s Variety has been raising the bar for pet nutrition and taste, offering a variety of kibble and moist recipes that are irresistible to kittens, adults and senior cats. Stop by your local Pet Goods store for competitive prices on Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe for cats, made with 81 percent real animal ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Even the fussiest of kitties can’t resist the sumptuous taste of real duck, fish, chicken and rabbit. Live probiotics are added to increase digestibility, while Omegas and antioxidants help support a glossy coat and toned muscles.

Nature’s Variety Kitten Food

Free-range chicken is the first ingredient in Instinct kitten food. If you’re looking for a high protein kibble that supports the needs of developing kittens, Instinct Original Grain-Free unlocks their potential to thrive. Instinct kibble for kittens contains natural DHA for healthy brain and eye development, and has a tailored blend of poultry, eggs, fish and meat for optimum protein levels. This premium kitten food has an impressive ingredient list that includes pieces of freeze dried chicken, chicken liver and lamb meal, as well as pumpkin seeds, cranberries, apples and carrots.

Instinct Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Cats with digestive issues or sensitivities may fare better with a highly nutritious wet food by Nature’s Variety. Instinct grain-free and gluten-free canned food comes in six enticing protein choices including lamb, beef, rabbit and venison. Nourish your picky Siamese with a delicious pate that is accented with tomato, broccoli, kale, parsley, peas and dried kelp. If your beloved kitty is suffering from urinary tract problems or showing signs of gluten intolerance, ask your vet about Instinct Original wet cat food. For some pet parents, this diet has resolved issues such as bloating, excess gas, hair loss and digestive upset. Instinct wet cat food is available in 3 ounce and 5.5 ounce cans.