Nature’s Variety Cat Treats

Even the most high-maintenance of kitties go bonkers for Nature’s Variety cat treats, available in several enticing flavors.


Nature’s Variety Cat Treats from Pet Goods

Nature’s Variety is on the forefront of pet nutrition, empowering owners to feed their felines holistic cat treats guided by the nutrition of raw. When you want to pamper kitty with a healthy snack, reach for Instinct freeze-dried natural cat treats by Nature’s Variety. These wholesome morsels pack a mere 2 calories each, and are made with 100% raw ingredients including real duck (and duck bone), turkey, pumpkin seeds, apples, carrots, blueberries, flaxseed and butternut squash. Instinct cat treats feature limited, fresh ingredients that are designed to nourish your feline while sating her craving for raw animal protein.

Grain-Free Cat Treats by Nature’s Variety

Unlock your tabby’s potential to thrive with Nature’s Variety grain-free cat treats. Unlike many commercial brands that use fillers, corn and wheat to add bulk, Nature’s Variety relies on premium, whole food ingredients that are never cooked, and are minimally-processed. Instinct Raw Boost minis are kibble-sized treats made with raw chicken or duck. These cat treats are grain free and gluten free and contain no artificial colors, additives or preservatives. If your feline friend isn’t bounding with energy, ask your vet about the benefits of switching to a raw, grain-free diet and treats.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost

As the trailblazer in raw pet food, Nature’s Variety Instinct is dedicated to making raw nutrition accessible to everyone. Instinct Raw Boost cat treats give your whiskered companions what they crave most—real pieces of totally raw duck and chicken, accented by organ meat. Raw Boost mini treats are formulated to mimic your cat’s carnivorous ancestral diet, providing high levels of protein that help support lean muscle and overall health. These freeze-dried cat treats also boast Omega 3 fish oils for a sleek, shiny coat.

Freeze-Dried Cat Treats by Nature’s Variety

Interesting in exploring the power of raw nutrition? Stop by your neighborhood Pet Goods store for everyday low prices on high quality, all-natural cat treats by Nature’s Variety. Reward your kitty with a delicious, nutritious treat you can feel good about. Raw treats are so addictive they’re great for hiding medications in a pinch, and because they’re freeze-dried, they never spoil.