Nature’s Variety Dog Treats

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Nature’s Variety dog treats provide a healthy and satisfying snack for your pup that you can always feel great about. Instincts original dog biscuits are a wholesome way to reward Fido with the delicious flavors and crunchy textures he craves. Free of corn, wheat and soy, these nourishing treats are made with pure raw ingredients designed to boost energy, support digestive health and – most importantly — keep your pup happy! Each oven-baked biscuit features 100% natural ingredients that have been chosen for quality and nutrition. Novel proteins are complemented with butternut squash, chickpeas, alfalfa sprouts, spinach and dried kelp to deliver balanced nutrition.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Treats

Looking for a tasty, wholesome dog treat that’s grain and gluten-free? One of our top sellers is Nature’s Variety Instinct treats for dogs, available in a variety of sizes and enticing flavors. Made in the USA with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, these dog treats are the perfect training tool or reward, and are great for pups with wheat allergies. Instinct Raw Boost Minis will satisfy your dog’s senses with all natural duck, lamb, chicken, and turkey. Instinct Raw Boost Munchies promise tail-wagging, mouthwatering goodness, and at just 5 calories a pop, these oven-baked treats won’t pack on the pounds.

Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Dog Biscuit Treats

Nature’s Variety Grain Free Biscuits are specially made for canines that are sensitive to grains (wheat, corn and soy) and prone to food allergies. If your Maltese or Russel terrier can’t stop itching and licking, ask your vet about the benefits of grain-free dog biscuit treats by Nature’s Variety. Grain-free dog treats may help relieve allergies, increase energy levels, reduce shedding and flatulence. For the ultimate combination of nutrition and taste, treat your pooch to grain-free dog biscuits made with Rabbit Meal & Apples, Chicken & Cranberry, or Duck & Sweet Potato. These all-natural biscuits have no added salt or sugar and contain prebiotics to help promote gastrointestinal health.