Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food

Nutro cat food is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of felines through all life stages.


Nutro Cat Food

Domestic felines — just like their ancestors –naturally prefer to eat what’s good for them, which is why most kitties thrive on a diet rich in animal proteins. Real poultry, fish and meat are the first ingredients in Nutro cat food, which focuses on using only wholesome, high quality proteins and nutrients. Nutro has tailored formulas for all life stages, lifestyles and dietary needs, and offers a wide range of dry and canned recipes for kittens, adult cats and senior kitties. If your whiskered companion needs to drop some weight, has food sensitivities to grains, or could use some help with hairball control, ask your veterinarian about switching to Nutro Natural Choice – one of our top-selling brands here at Pet Goods.

Wholesome Essentials Kitten Food

Stop by your local Pet Goods for competitive price points on Nutro kitten food, featuring SMART START™ recipe for early growth and development. Treat your tiny mouser to an all-natural diet that contains advanced antioxidants for immune system health, DHA for brain and vision development, and extra calcium for strong teeth and bones. Nutro’s Chicken & Whole Brown Rice kibble is made with high levels of Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and soft, shiny fur. If your kitten prefers wet food, try Nutro kitten soft loaf chicken recipe made with real chicken, chicken liver and savory pork broth. This premium natural kitten food is free of soy, corn, wheat and artificial colors.

Natural Choice Cat Food

It’s easy to see why so many feline lovers buy Nutro Natural Choice cat food. Each formula contains the perfect balance of healthy proteins and natural fibers to deliver long-term health benefits that ensure your calico lives a long and happy life. Nutro dry cat food for indoor kitties has fewer calories and is crafted to help minimize hairballs and promote easy digestion. If your cat is getting on in age, he may fare better on Nutro Senior formula, made with white fish, whole brown rice and whole oatmeal. Fortified with taurine and essential fatty acids, Natural Choice Senior dry cat food supports heart health.

Nutro Grain Free Cat Food

Digestive problems and allergies are often traced back to grain sensitivities, which is why Nutro created a line of delicious grain-free recipes for cats. Treat your frisky companion to the great tastes of salmon, tuna, duck, turkey and chicken complemented by non-grain carbohydrates like potatoes and peas for all-day energy. Nutro grain-free adult cat food comes in dry and wet formulas that satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Gravy lovers will go wild for 100 % grain-free Nutro wet cat, featuring marinated morsels of tender poultry, fish and seafood.