Nutro Ultra Dog Food

For more than eight decades, Nutro Ultra has been dedicated to creating premium, all-natural pet food that delivers holistic nutrition.


Vitamin-Rich Nutro Ultra Dog Food

Nutro Ultra dog food features a blend of 12 different superfoods, and the ingredient list attests to the quality. Farm-raised chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, pumpkin, blueberries, spinach, carrot and tomatoes offer a nutrient dense diet that supports healthy development and energy throughout all life stages. Here at Pet Goods, we know our customers spend a lot of time picking out the best food for their dogs, and we’re proud to carry Nutro Ultra’s exclusive recipes tailored for growing puppies, weight management, small and large breeds, and senior dogs. Powered by vitamin-rich superfoods, your pup will radiate good health and vitality.

Nutro Ultra Puppy Food

Nutro Ultra puppy food is on the cutting-edge of canine nutrition, formulated to provide the complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids during a puppy’s first year of life. With each bowl of puppy food, you’re giving your little pal the essential building blocks to develop a strong heart and bones and lean muscles. Whether you choose Ultra dry food for puppies or canned food with meaty chunks of salmon, lamb or chicken in a thick gravy, you know you’re giving high quality proteins to prepare your four-legged pal for a long and prosperous life. Each serving of Nutro Ultra is rich in DHA, which helps support cognitive development, and animal proteins contain optimum levels of healthy fats to fuel the high energy levels of spirited puppies.

Nutro Ultra Small Breed

Smaller breeds like toy poodles, Pomeranians, dachshunds, pugs and chihuahuas have a difficult time chewing and digesting large kibble, which is why Nutro offers three types of small breed recipes for puppies, adults and senior canines. Chicken is the number one ingredient in these nourishing formulas, which feature a powerhouse blend of antioxidant-rich kale, coconut and chia seeds. Made with only the finest, natural ingredients including whole brown rice, flax seed, rice bran, rolled oats and dried pomegranate, Nutro Ultra small breed provides 100 percent balanced nutrition and has the irresistible textures and tastes that dogs go crazy for.

Nutro Ultra Canned Food

Nutro Ultra wet dog food contains lean proteins, essential vitamins and nutrients, plus sun-ripened fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm. Each delicious formula is made with whole grains and sunflower oil to help promote a healthy, shiny coat. Your loyal companion will love the rich flavors of Ultra canned food and meaty pates, which boast real turkey, chicken liver, salmon, lamb and eggs. If your pooch is entering his golden years and needs an extra boost, look for Ultra Senior pate blend, made especially for older dogs who suffer from joint pain and mobility issues.

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