Orijen Cat Food

Orijen cat food is crafted for the discriminating feline owner. Made with free-range chicken and wild-caught fish, Orijen dry food recipes are rich in real animal protein. 


Orijen Cat Food Features the Finest Ingredients

Orijen cat food was developed under the philosophy that our modern day whiskered companions are built just like their ancestors, and crave a nourishing diet full of varied animal proteins. Orijen cat and kitten recipes are “biologically appropriate” diets formulated for all life stages. Just like their distant relatives, domestic cats are hunters that thrive on meat-centric meals. Orijen is packed with Whole Prey ratios of fresh poultry, cartilage and organs, plus whole eggs and fish. Their premium carbohydrate-limited recipes are high in protein (40 percent) and contain only the finest ingredients. You won’t find synthetic supplements in Orijen cat food, as each bowl contains 100 balanced nutrition from six different animals, including Atlantic herring, mackerel, turkey, chicken and yellow-tail flounder.

Orijen Cat & Kitten

What sets Orijen kitten food apart from the pack? Two-thirds of the protein in Orijen dry cat food are made from raw or fresh animal meats that are refrigerated for optimum freshness. Every bag of Orijen cat & kitten contains infusions of savory freeze-dried liver to improve both palatability and nutrition. Even the pickiest of kitties will love the flavors and textures of this nutrient-dense kibble, which is accented with green lentils, whole navy beans, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, juniper berries and other healthful ingredients. Additional probiotics and prebiotics including dried lactobacillus acidophilus help promote easy digestion.

Biologically Appropriate Diet for Cats

Cats have evolved to eat some plants and grains, but many commercial pet diets are loaded with empty fillers and high-glycemic grains that can interfere with gastrointestinal health. Every tasty morsel of Orijen cat and kitten food features freeze-dried meats and liver, as well as healthy, non-rendered fats from free-run poultry and eggs. Unlike some conventional cat foods, Orijen doesn’t contain tapioca or potato, and relies on a small percentage of low-glycemic carbs for sustained energy. If you’re looking for a natural, protein-rich cat food that will keep your fur baby in tip-top shape, ask your veterinarian about Orijen recipes, available at your local Pet Goods.

Orijen Cat Food Review

There’s good reason why Orijen’s award-winning recipes get stellar reviews. Every batch is made using only the freshest, regionally-sourced ingredients from trusted ranchers and farmers. In fact, their fresh fish and meats are fit for human consumption! Located in Kentucky’s farmland, Orijen’s DogStar Kitchens adhere to the strictest food safety standards, but even more importantly, Orijen dry recipes are heartily endorsed by cats! After switching to Orijen, cat owners notice tons of positive changes: better energy levels, less shedding, soft, shiny fur and fewer digestive problems.