Orijen Cat Treats

Pet Goods is proud to carry the entire line of Orijen Cat Treats, crafted with authentically fresh and regional meats that are guaranteed to please the most demanding of felines.


Each savory recipe is formulated to meet a cat’s biological and dietary needs through all life stages, from kitten to senior. If your kitty has food allergies, consider switching to an all-natural, low-glycemic snack that is unmatched in nutrition and taste. Orijen’s poultry, fish and meats are delivered fresh to their award-winning kitchens daily, where they are flash-frozen and then gently freeze-dried without cooking or preservatives. The net result is a premium class of cat treats that will keep your precious mouser happy, fit and strong.

Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treats

All Orijen cat treats are flash freeze-dried to preserve the healthy goodness of the finest, locally-sourced animal proteins and farm raised ingredients. Felines have evolved to thrive on a medley of whole meats, and each Orijen recipe focuses on nutrient-dense ingredients including fresh meat, organs, marrow and cartilage, with a protein content of at least 45%. This “Biologically Appropriate” cat treat mirrors what your kitty would naturally consume in the wild, and the freeze-dried process locks essential nutrients without using artificial stabilizers or additives.

Orijen Original Cat Treat

Orijen Original cat treats offer the tempting flavors and textures that your feline craves. Made with 100% wild-caught fish and cage-free poultry — these premium, hypoallergenic treats are designed to satisfy your kitty’s carnivorous taste buds while offering peace of mind to their human parents. Each delicate morsel is bursting with the aromas and life-giving nutrients of farm-raised turkey, chicken, turkey liver, wild flounder and monkfish. Pamper your tabby with carbohydrate-free, low-calorie treats that will keep him or her fit as a fiddle for years to come.

Orijen Cat Treat Ingredients

Orijen is proud to use only sustainable, regional ingredients that are raised by local, trusted growers and delivered fresh to their Northstar Canada kitchens every day. These unique, flavorful treats feature Whole Prey ratios of Steelhead trout, Arctic char, cage-free quail, boneless wild boar, Alberta lamb, Black Angus beef and ranch-raised bison and elk. Reward your feline companion with a protein-rich snack that is both tasty and health-giving, and at just 3 kcal per treat, you can indulge her meat-cravings as often as you’d like!