Orijen Dog Food

Nourish your canine the way nature intended with Orijen dog food. Find all flavors of Orijen puppy and senior dog food at Pet Goods.


A diversity of fresh meats, fruits and healthy botanicals make Orijen Dog Food a smart choice for your loyal companion. Dogs evolved as hunters and thrive on a carnivorous diet that is rich in natural proteins, from whole eggs and poultry to venison and wild-caught fish. Orijen is packed with premium animal nutrients and vitamin supplements, and is free of the grains and plant-based carbohydrates that can lead to allergies and digestive problems. Watch the transformative results of putting your dog on a biologically-appropriate diet just as nature intended.

Orijen dog food is sourced from only the highest-quality ingredients that nourish your dog inside and out. Free of cereals, inexpensive fillers, rice and corn, Orijen uses digestible fruits, chickpeas and lentils that keep blood sugar levels in check. Enhance his health and longevity with a whole-food based diet that bolsters the immune system, aids in digestion and comes in the mouthwatering flavors that dogs crave.

Orijen Puppy Food

Give your growing canine a head start in life with Orijen Puppy Food, specially formulated to keep your puppy happy, outgoing and strong. Locally-sourced cage-free chicken and freshly-caught walleye and herring are part of the award-winning recipes that nourish, energize and support healthy development. Orijen puppy formulas are designed to mirror Mother Nature, and are packed with essential proteins, animal fats, fish oils and minerals that all puppies need. Origen Puppy large breed kibble has 80 percent fresh meat and is fortified with natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy bones and joints.

Orijen Senior Dog Food

Like all Orijen dog food formulas, the Senior Grain-free kibble is free of artificial preservatives, colorings, additives and by-products. Health problems like arthritis, diabetes and obesity are common in older dogs, and many of these can be traced to a poor diet. Though he may seem as treat-crazed as ever, his body can’t burn off calories the way he used to. Orijen Senior gives him the wild meat flavors he loves – turkey liver, mackerel, flounder, chicken and herring – but has significantly fewer calories than conventional pet foods. Brimming with key nutrients to promote a lustrous coat, lean muscle mass and strong joints, Orijen Senior Dog Food promotes total well-being. After years of loving devotion, doesn’t he deserve the best?

Pet Goods is proud to offer the entire line of Orijen dog food products for small and large breeds, puppies, adults and seniors.