Pro Plan Cat Food

Pro Plan cat food by Purina is developed to provide optimum nutrition at all life stages: kitten, adult and senior.


Give your beloved tabby a wonderful meal time experience with premium wet and dry formulas that help your feline thrive. Here at Pet Goods, we understand the importance of feeding your kitty a wholesome diet, which is why we offer great, everyday low prices on Pro Plan kitten food and cat food featuring savory flavors your frisky companion will crave. Discover for yourself why Purina Pro Plan is on the cutting edge of feline nutrition. Fortified with antioxidants, prebiotics and Omega 3 fatty acids, Pro Plan offers cat parents three nutritional platforms boasting a variety of enticing textures and tastes.

Pro Plan Kitten Food

Pro Plan kitten food, available in dry and canned formulas, is designed to optimize the development and health of your growing feline. Nourish his developing immune system with a highly digestible mix of chicken and brewer’s rice that will keep him happy, healthy and full of rambunctious kitten energy. Featuring 41 percent crude protein, calcium, phosphorous and Vitamin B-12, Pro Plan kitten is vet-recommended for cats 1-12 months old.

Pro Plan Dry Cat Food

Does your feline friend suffer from occasional hairballs or digestive upset? Pro Plan dry cat food features a natural chicory root fiber blend, designed to help control hairballs and support gastrointestinal health. Crunchy kibble made with real egg, trout, chicken, rice and herring helps mature, less active cats maintain optimum condition. Backed by years of dietary research, each Pro Plan cat food blend will have your kitty pawing for more. You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the life and nutrition of your favorite felines! Visit Pet Goods for the best deals on Purina’s premier cat food recipes, rich in Vitamin A, Omega fatty acids and linoleic acid for healthy skin and coat.

Pro Plan Wet Cat Food

Brimming with scrumptious morsels of tuna, chicken and turkey, Pro Plan wet cat food can add delicious variety to your kitty’s diet. Even the pickiest of felines will go wild for the mouthwatering flavors of white meat chicken drenched in gravy! Pro Plan Nutrisavour Junior contains DHA to help support brain development and vision in growing kittens. Looking for a grain free wet cat food? Pro Plan True Nature features multiple sources of high quality protein, including fresh salmon and ocean whitefish. Senior mousers can suffer urinary troubles caused by poor diets. Stop by Pet Goods for Pro Plan urinary tract health formula. For a bright-eyed kitty with shiny fur and loads of energy, feed your feline a quality cat food like Pro Plan.

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