Purina Beneful Dog Food

Purina Beneful dog food features a delicious mixture of both crunchy and tender textures that canines love.


Purina Beneful Dog Food Made with Wholesome Ingredients

Pet Goods is proud to carry Beneful dog and puppy food by Purina, made with wholesome ingredients like farm-raised chicken, fresh vegetables and healthy grains.

Beneful Dog Food

Made in Purina’s USA facilities, Beneful’s premium ingredients include vegetables, natural grains and chunks of real meat and poultry. Doesn’t your favorite canine friend deserve a nutrient-rich diet made with farm-raised chicken and beef as the number one ingredient? Choose from the entire line of Beneful dog food formulas, designed to help your pooch live an active, happy life. Beneful dog food is made with no added sugar and accented with carrots, eggs, spinach, apples and green beans for wholesome goodness. Fortified with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, Beneful dry and wet dog food supports strong muscles and overall health. Have a toy breed? Beneful IncrediBites has tiny-sized kibble made just for smaller dogs!

Beneful Puppy Food

Purina Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies is made with calcium-rich milk to nourish developing teeth and bones. Puppies go wild for the tender, chewy chunks and crunchy kibble packed with chicken, rice and veggies. Beneful for puppies delivers 100 percent balanced nutrition, and has the great taste your growing pooch will gobble up. Beneful Healthy Puppy meets the nutritional standards established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile, and contains DHA for proper vision and brain development. Quality ingredients and 28 percent crude protein are at the heart of all puppy food recipes by Beneful. At Pet Goods, you can find Beneful Chopped Blends wet food as well, featuring poultry, liver, brown rice, sweet potatoes and peas.

Beneful Healthy Weight

Does your family pet need to drop some pounds? Some canine breeds tend to pack on weight as they mature, and less-active dogs are more prone to this problem. Fortunately, you can feed your dog calorie-smart nutrition with Purina Beneful Healthy Weight, made with farm fresh chicken. This formula’s high-quality proteins promote lean muscle mass, and has 10 percent fewer calories compared to Beneful Original dry dog food. Packed with fiber-rich barley, whole grain wheat and soybean hulls, this weight-control dog food is vet-recommended and dog approved.

Beneful Grain-Free Dog Food

If you’re looking for a grain-free dog food that your pet will dig into enthusiastically, Purina Beneful garners rave reviews from Pet Goods customers. Beneful Grain Free dry dog food has the flavors and textures that dogs love, without the corn, wheat and gluten that can trigger stomach upset and allergies. Augmented with pumpkin, blueberries and real spinach, each delicious mouthful is highly palatable and digestible. Beneful Grain Free is full of tastiness and made with simple, whole-food ingredients.