Purina Cat Treats

Purina Pro Plan cat treats offer many benefits to kittens and adult cats, from great nutrition to unbeatable taste.


Felines know when they’re part of the family. That’s why we recommend that cat owners try Purina cat treats. They add variety to a cat’s life and diet. Treats can be used to train good behavior. The right product will help fight tooth issues and bad breathe. They’ll help cats manage stress levels. And they taste great!

Pet Goods is ready to help all owners find the Purina cat treat perfect for their pet.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Treats

Everyone that wants the best for their cat. Purina’s Pro Plan foods and treats were designed to offer exceptional nutrition. Pro Plan products are engineered from the best components with an intent to meet a cat’s specific nutritional requirements based on a range of factors, including age. Grab a bag of reduced calorie tuna or savory real chicken bites and give your cat the healthy and mouth-watering benefits.

Kitten Treats

Purina offers plenty of opportunity to bond with your kitten through its treats. Kittens need healthy treats as they wean. Treats should be given in moderation so that they do not interfere with regular eating habits. At around eight or 10 weeks of age, a nice Purina surprise will make you their hero.

Adult Cat Treats

As cats age, we have to pay closer attention to their behavior and diet. Treats can provide the fiber they need. They can offer a soft, chewy snack as teeth may not be able to manage hard foods. Properly chosen Purina adult cat treats can help with the digestive system and help keep up energy.

With Purina Pro Plan treats around, you’ll always be ready to show your feline you care. Keep your cat safe, healthy and feeling rewarded. Pet Goods can help you choose between Purina’s many options, ensuring your cat gets exactly what it needs.