Science Diet Dog Food

Give your trusted canine companion targeted nutrition with Science Diet dog food, available at Pet Goods.


Vet-Recommended Science Diet Dog Food

Hill’s Science diet dog and puppy foods are veterinarian recommended for their premium, wholesome ingredients and high quality standards. Developed by pet nutritionists for optimal health, Science diet dog food is available in savory dry and wet food varieties featuring tender pieces of real lamb, beef, salmon and chicken, as well as barley, whole grains and vegetables. Enjoy more tail wagging and happy face licks by feeding your pup quality food that promotes lean muscle mass, a luxurious coat and general well-being. Whether you have a young toy poodle or a mature basset hound, your dog will reap the myriad health benefits of Science Diet dog food.

Science Diet Puppy Food

Your growing puppy deserves the perfect balance of taste and focused nutrition, and even the pickiest of eaters will gobble up Science Diet’s dry and canned puppy food formulas. Made with all-natural ingredients plus essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Science Diet puppy food supports brain development and healthy digestion during the first year of life. Visit your neighborhood Pet Goods store for great deals on Hill’s Science diet canned entrees and kibble for puppies, featuring a wide range of tantalizing tastes and textures like savory beef stew with vegetables and succulent chicken and barley. We also carry Science Diet Large Breed Puppy food that encourages healthy bone and joint growth.

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet is the preferred dog food among vets for good reason. The entire line of Science Diet dog food is made with high quality ingredients sourced from North America, Europe and New Zealand, and each formula is designed to cater to your pooch’s specific health issues, life stage and nutritional needs. If your canine companion suffers from food allergies, joint pain, or weight management issues, you’ll find a formula that speaks to his or her particular needs. Based on decades of canine nutrition research, each Science Diet recipe contains optimum nutrient levels for various dietary requirements. Wet and dry foods are fortified with Omega fatty acids, Vitamins C, E, B12 and D, and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives and chicken by-product meal.

Science Diet Dog Food Reviews

Science diet dog food remains a top-seller at Pet Goods and continually gets stellar reviews from our customers. Dog owners often report miraculous results after switching their pooch over to Science Diet adult grain-free and adult Advanced Fitness formulas. Canines that once struggled with food sensitivities and digestive problems have shed unwanted pounds, and show off their beautiful coats, bright eyes and trim, fit bodies. Stop by your neighborhood Pet Goods and take advantage of our low prices and amazing selection of Hill’s Science Diet dog and puppy foods, available in small bite sizes for toy breeds.