Science Diet Dog Treats

Science Diet dog treats are a healthy reward for good behavior and make delicious training tools for your canine companion.


Science Diet Dog Treats Available at Pet Goods

Science Diet treats go way beyond the plain old dog biscuit. At Pet Goods, you’ll find a huge variety of tasty and nutritious snacks for your loyal companion, made in the USA from high quality ingredients. From lightly-baked biscuits to soft and chewy training rewards, we carry the entire line of Science Diet treats for dogs. These low-calories treats are not only great-tasting, they are packed with real chicken, oats and whole grain wheat. Recommended for dogs of all breeds and ages, these treats are a healthy complement to a balanced diet, and are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives! Whether your pup prefers to snack on crunchy, oven-baked biscuits or tender strips of beef jerky, Pet Goods has the best selection of dog treats and snacks by Hill’s Science Diet.

Natural Science Diet Treats with Premium Ingredients

Indulge your Labrador or beagle with a mouthwatering treat crafted with the finest ingredients.  Science Diet Soft Savories, made with real banana and peanut butter, or beef and cheddar, have a tender texture that aims to please. Real beef is the number one ingredient in Science Diet Jerky Strips, which deliver tail-wagging goodness in every bite. Even the fussiest of dogs will gobble up Science Diet Crunchy Fruity Snacks with oatmeal and cranberries. These crunchy, zesty treats are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and flaxseed helps promote a soft and shiny coat! Pamper your mature dog with Hill’s Science Diet Baked Light Biscuits – a high fiber, low-calorie snack that won’t pack on the pounds.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Treats

Dogs with health issues or specific nutritional needs may benefit from Prescription Diet treats by Hill’s. These snacks are designed to complement Hill’s Prescription Diet dog food, and boast the mouthwatering flavors and textures that dogs love. From food sensitivities and weight problems to mobility issues, Prescription Diet treats support overall wellness, and contain key nutrients and antioxidants to build lean muscle, preserve joint health, while keeping your pooch satisfied between meals.

Science Diet Grain-Free Treats

Grain-free dog treats are easier to digest for many canines. Avoid tummy troubles, gas and GI upset with wholesome grain-free treats by Science Diet, featuring real chicken, apples, peas, potatoes and beets. If your pooch is sensitive to corn, soy and wheat, he may fare better on these crunchy, bone-shaped snacks that are gluten-free and help strengthen gums and remove tartar build up.