Wellness Cat Treats

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Wellness Kittles cat treats are a guilt-free way to reward your whiskered friends with the textures and flavors they love. Featuring crunchy morsels made from whole food ingredients like chicken, salmon, whitefish, chickpeas, potatoes and cranberries, these premium treats are less than two calories each and fortified with vitamins and minerals that support vision and dental health.

Wellness Kittles Cat Treats

Indulge your purring pal with 100 % natural cat treats that optimize health and contain no meat by-products, no fillers or artificial preservatives. Wellness Kittles cat treats come in three tempting flavors — Tuna & Cranberries, Chicken & Cranberries and Salmon & Cranberries — that promise to keep your feline frisky and healthy for years to come. Each scrumptious recipe is rich in animal proteins and crafted with only the finest meats, fruits and vegetables.

Wellness Grain-Free Cat Treats

Cater to your kitty’s cravings and health with crunchy, grain-free treats by Wellness. Each re-sealable 2 ounce bag contains 150 bite-sized treats that will go a long way toward pampering your feline. Use them as an occasional reward or for training kitty on appropriate indoor scratching areas. Even the finickiest of tabbies will gobble them up in a flash! If your cat suffers from urinary tract issues, bladder stones or gluten intolerance, ask your veterinarian about the benefits of feeding Wellness grain-free cat treats, made with real cranberries. You can rest assured that these wholesome cat treats are free of wheat, soy, corn and other fillers that can lead to digestive upset in felines with food allergies. These tasty, all-natural treats will have your kitties meowing for more.

Wellness Pure Delights Jerky Cat Treats

Is your kitty food-crazy and getting a little too tubby? It may be time to switch to a low-cal and grain-free cat treat by Wellness. Spoil your furry companion with Wellness Pure Delights natural cat treats, made with 90 percent real meat! Here at Pet Goods, we promise your cat will be delighted with the moist jerky bits in each scrumptious bite. Made with real chicken, tender lamb and other natural ingredients, Wellness jerky treats are great for kittens and cats with stomach sensitivities. For the best deals on Wellness grain-free cat treats that are flavorful and healthy, stop by your local Pet Goods.