Wellness Dog Treats

Get the scoop on Wellness dog treats and why Pet Goods thinks owners will love these healthy, delicious snacks for canines.


Wellness uses wholesome grains and deboned meats alongside a balance of minerals, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants to create wonderful dog treats. They are great tasting, healthy options for your canine. These products promise to maintain skin, teeth, coats and energy, and to have ingredients that manage joint and heart health.

Pet Goods has tasty treats your dog will love. It’s why we offer a full range of dog treats from Wellness. We know their formulas will benefit and please every pet.

Wellness Core Dog Treats

Wellness’ Core treats support optimal canine health. Free of meat by-products, corn, soy and wheat, expect no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. These treats promote increased metabolisms and healthy digestive systems. Core treats will give your dog joy and owners peace of mind.

Tru Food Treats

TruFood treats are inspired blends of healthy ingredients baked into succulent bite-sized snacks. There’s CocoChia chicken, lamb and fish. There are also high protein baked beef and chicken options. These products are handmade and prepared in small batches to maximize their nutrient richness.

Wellness Puppy Treats

Reward good behavior and keep your young canine occupied and happy. These exceptionally good snacks from Wellness contain all-natural, premium ingredients. The formula is grounded in the company’s desire to provide not just taste, but wellness. Help your puppies grow healthy while having a good time.

Wellness strives to produce uncompromising quality in dog treats. Pet Goods knows that Wellness foods and treats are going to be instrumental in the journey to keep your dogs strong, smart, well balanced and behaved.