Whiskas Cat Food

Delicious Whiskas dry and wet cat food promises to sate the appetites of the pickiest felines.


Your Feline Friends Will Love the Great Taste of Whiskas Cat Food

Made with delicious chicken, turkey, fish and shrimp flavors, Whiskas cat food is incredibly nutritious for your kitty, and is one of our best-selling brands here at Pet Goods. These wholesome recipes come in several enticing varieties that your cat will find irresistible. Each protein-rich bite not only tastes great, but is formulated to help support lean muscles, strong joints and a robust immune system. High quality protein, fat and natural fiber provide 100 percent complete nutrition to keep your four-legged companion frisky for years to come.

Whiskas Dry Cat Food

Cats are carnivores by nature and need high levels of animal protein to thrive. Whiskas Meaty Selections kibble contains a minimum 35 percent crude protein and come in four flavor profiles: Salmon & Shrimp, Chicken & Turkey, Chicken, and Whiskas Kitten Chicken & Turkey flavor with DHA for optimal brain development. Whiskas Indoor Cat food is specially designed to keep inside kitties healthy and hairball-free. This chicken-flavored kibble is easy to digest and packed with natural fibers. All adult formulas are recommended for cats one year and older and meet the AAFCO nutritional standards for adult feline maintenance.

Whiskas Pouches

Nothing spells a satisfied cat quite like the fresh-from-the-sea flavors of ocean whitefish, tuna and salmon. Pamper your kitty with gourmet meaty morsels found in Whiskas Pouches – perfect for growing kittens, adults and mature cats. Inside each of these flavor-locked pouches is a veritable feast swimming in delectable sauces. At Pet Goods, you’ll find a huge assortment of tempting recipes including Chicken & Duck entrée, Mixed Grill, Sardine & Mackerel, Cod & Shrimp, and Whiskas Purrfectly Fish with snapper! Your kitty will go wild for the chunks of meat and flakes of real seafood! Like all Whiskas cat food recipes, these flavorful pouches are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

Whiskas Cat Milk

Most cats and kittens adore a saucer of milk from time to time, but the lactose in cow’s milk can be harsh on their digestive system. Whiskas Cat Milk is a healthy alternative that contains the same palate-pleasing taste but only .1 percent lactose. This feline-friendly recipe is gentle on sensitive tummies and is high in calcium, protein and fiber! Worried about the extra calories found in cow’s milk? Whiskas Cat Milk is low fat (only 2 percent), and is free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.