World’s Best Cat Litter

The World’s Best Cat Litter harnesses the concentrated power of corn for a cleaner, fresher litter box.


Pet Goods Carries World’s Best Cat Litter

Are you looking for a pet-friendly and environmentally safe cat litter that clumps instantly and makes unpleasant odors a non-issue? With the World’s Best cat litter, your visitors will never know your tabby has a litter box inside the house. Ordinary clay litters are ineffective at controlling ammonia odors and often leave thick sludge along the sides and bottom of the pan. Made with concentrated corn granules, World’s Best is a high performance natural cat litter that offers feline parents a veritable breath of fresh air without the messy maintenance. Litter box clean-up has never been easier: simply scoop once and you’re finished. Pet Goods is proud to carry the entire line of the World’s Best cat litter, made with whole-kernel corn, available in original or natural pine and lavender scents.

World’s Best Cat Litter Reviews

What do customers have to say about World’s Best kitty litter? Check out some of the most recent testimonials.

  • “This clumping litter is easy to clean, traps odor and gets tracked less.”
  • “You would never guess I have FIVE kitties living in my household and I love that World’s Best is flushable and septic safe!”
  • “One 15-pound bag lasts just over two months – now that’s true value and savings.”
  • “No more dusty clay litters for this cat mama. I have switched to the lavender-scented litter and have zero complaints.”
  • “This is the first eco-friendly cat litter I’ve tried that is free of toxic chemicals and actually controls odors.”

World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender

Stop by your neighborhood Pet Goods and choose the best cat litter formula for your needs. Our inventory includes Original Clumping, Multiple Cat Clumping, Zero Mess, Zero Mess Pine and Lavender Scented Multi-Cat Clumping litters, which features a delicate floral scent. Like all World’s Best litter products, this litter has no synthetic chemicals or strong perfumes, and is safe for kittens over 2 months old. World’s Best cat litter is backed by more than 20 years of research and promises faster clumping, better odor control and less waste. Because corn is naturally absorbent, you use less litter and scoop less away, meaning each bag last longer and less money is spent!

Benefits of Natural Corn Cat Litter

So why should you make the switch to World’s Best cat litter? Here are seven good reasons:

  • Concentrated odor control
  • Lightweight – no more heavy bags of clay litter
  • Made from sustainably grown ingredients – people, pet and Earth friendly
  • No artificial chemicals or perfumes
  • Quick clumping action for easy scooping
  • Corn is free of silica dust
  • Flushable – sewer and septic safe